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TopEarly Intervention
    • The work done in all of our service departments reflects the understanding that effective rehabilitation must start as soon as an individual has ceased any of his/her activities of daily living due to impairment. Our Ability Management Consultants/Case Managers coordinate assessment and begin case management immediately, increasing the employee’s likelihood of a timely but healthy return to all occupational functions.
TopAbility Management
  • At onset of injury/illness Acclaim Ability Management’s philosophy focuses on an individual’s abilities, both potential and realized, as opposed to his/her disabilities. Acting on this philosophy, our case managers consider all factors affecting an individual’s function – physical, social and psychological – in order to help him/her regain ability, develop other abilities, and return to healthy daily functions. This approach proves much more holistic and proactive than those which concentrate solely on a specific disability without helping the prevention of further injury or illness.


TopComprehensive Integrated Services
  • We believe in providing our customers with the services and programs that meet all of their diverse disability management needs, making it easy for them to conveniently move forward with their business needs without having to seek out a number of providers. Our service is made up of a diversity of tasks, assessments and programs designed to identify and address the many complex facets of disability. Our processes are integrated throughout our many locations across Canada to ensure cost-effective delivery that is rich with extra services.

This philosophy and approach has enabled Acclaim to progressively lead the industry of ability management by providing a level of service that has proven effective in meeting the changing needs of the industry while continuing to meet Acclaim‘s goals and objectives.